Free Consultation:

Usually public – anytime you decide you have an interest in having a doula

  • We get to know each other to discover if we are a good “fit”
  • I learn about your:
    • pregnancy
    • goals
    • and seeking what you are looking for in a doula

Prenatal Appointment #1:

In your home – Second Trimester

  • Rough draft a birth plan
  • Discuss nutritional benefits for mom & baby
  • Address planning for postpartum period
  • Discuss birth vision and how we will work best as a team
  • Address any fears or concerns
  • Your expectations you have of a doula
  • Discuss birthing positions, pain management, relaxation, and coping skills

Postnatal Visit:

In your home – In the first week of birth

  • Allows me to admire your little miracle
  • Breastfeeding assistance
  • Newborn care information
  • Emotional support
  • Provide resources for any particular challenges
  • Discussion of you and your partner’s birth experience

Now offering Postpartum Care!!